Break down the barriers.
Let people bring their best to work.

Ready to bring your team an actionable Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, and break down the barriers to reaching their highest potential?

Our consultants go beyond information gathering and training. 
LTHJ Global works alongside you to implement the findings and realize your strategic organizational success with DEI embedded throughout. Let’s get started.


Grow from piecemeal efforts to sustained progress with a coordinated approach across your team, leadership and board that reinspires your members and volunteers to support the cause.


Respond confidently to internal & external demands for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace and service. Show up for your team and customers, and inspire them to show up for you.

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Leading a small – midsize organization’s journey toward a more Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive (DEI) culture? Access the Sojourn platform for step-by-step plans, tools & guidance made for you. 


Our services are fully customizable, so we can confidently build the right action plan for your org. Learn more about our DEI Recruitment & Hiring Strategy, Policy Development & Implementation Plan, Caucusing & Affinity Groups / ERGs, Pay Equity Analysis and more. 

No matter your team’s needs, our DEI experts are here to help.

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Sign up your team for a transformative workshops and series like Intersectional Leadership Approaches, Building Community-First Nonprofits, Disrupting Aggression, The Enneagram of Personalities, and more!

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Go from ‘101’ to ‘201’ learning, with education that grows with your team. Learn why organizational leaders, employees and customers can’t stop talking about Unlearning Racism, #EnlightenedAF, The LTHJ Global DEI Design Session and our other courses.


executive coaching

Get ongoing support to confidently navigate the challenges you face as a leader in today’s changing landscape. You’ve got a lot on your plate; we help you upskill your leadership to prioritize what truly matters, and respond compassionately when issues arise.

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