To shape a new you is to help shape a new world. It starts the moment you decide to start living your life.


Can you give us three takeaways?

When you stop caring what people think and start living your life, there’s nothing but potential.

So basically, fall in love with yourself and that’s all that matters?



Two, is how to do that, which is, begin understanding little moments of trauma in your childhood when the ego was formed. Healing that, will not only heal you as an individual, but it’s how we start healing this world.

So understand your childhood. Understand what is the one that’s causing you anxiety and deal with it.

Yes. The third one always leaves people really thinking. There is a you that is so wonderful and loveable, that is not the things you do, the things you’ve achieved or the ways you help.

You mean the things that are completely invisible; that’s your wonderful you.

Yes. And only you can see.