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Enneagram of Bias Model™

Anti-Racism + DEI Workshops

Bias — prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group — is often implicit, operating without our awareness and affecting how we perceive and interact with others. Once we become aware of harmful biases that limit ourselves and others, we can begin questioning those biases and making more space between our subconscious actions and the actions that reflect the person we truly want to be.
We’ve developed a personalized approach to this work using the Enneagram of Bias Model, a framework developed by researchers at LTHJ Global based on the latest research in brain science and critical race theory. This framework highlights personal and often unconscious blocks to embracing DEI principles and practice and helps individuals develop a deep understanding of the importance of normalizing diversity at a personal, institutional, and systemic level. In this workshop, we explore and question our own implicit biases across race, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, cultural norms, and more. We then take those learnings and learn how to apply them to our personal lives, communities, workplaces, and institutions.
Good for:
  • Those interested in deepening their teams understanding of internalized oppression, critical race theory, systemic oppression, and social reform
  • Leaders looking for in-house DEI training for your organization or group
  • Leaders, educators, health care workers, mental health and coaching practitioners, DEI facilitators, community stakeholders, and activists