My Process of Unlearning

Lisa Greene, Jay Alba and Laura Chamberlain smile at the camera

An inside peek into working with LTHJ Global. It is refreshing and exciting to be a part of a company that is looking to normalize diversity and create space to help other companies step up to the plate in the area of DEI.

DEI for Small Business & Nonprofit Employee Retention

A diverse team of 4 people talk and smile over a table with a laptop

Small businesses often face challenges in trying to “piece together” a DEI initiative which often places additional work on employees that are already wearing several hats. In order to avoid burnout, the best practice is to outsource this work to a company, such as LTHJ Global, that specializes in working with organizations to gather data, conducting strategic planning and performing the next steps to move forward doing “the work” of DEI.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Nonprofits

Photo depicts a small team of nonprofit volunteers and beneficiaries positioned for a photo in front of a van that carries boxes that say "AID" and "FOOD." They wear gentle, open smiles, and appear to be a millennial Asian man and woman wearing 'Volunteer' shirts, a millennial White woman and an older gentleman of indeterminate race with pale skin sitting in a wheelchair. There is gentle sunlight that casts shadows across the scene.

Nonprofit organizations have a unique history filled with a “calling” to provide aid to those suffering. While this is commendable work, there is usually strife within these agencies due to top-heavy leadership, inconsistent pay scales and a lack of upward mobility. While the premise for providing help has not changed, today’s nonprofits are seeking to become change agents and learn to navigate the barriers that create challenges for them internally aligning with their core values.

How to Ask for HELP at Work? | Dear Lisa

A White man in a pink shirt buries his face in his hands, wearing a pink sweater and pushing his glasses up onto his forehead.

“Dear Lisa: How do I stop trying to do everything myself and ask for HELP at work? I’m overwhelmed and know I could probably find things to delegate or outsource, but I don’t know where to begin.”

Do I Need Therapy to Do DEI? | Ask Lisa

A young woman with caramel skin and curly hair sits with her knees splayed apart on a cough, talking as she gestures with some flair into the air.

“Dear Lisa: Do I need to be in therapy to truly implement DEI work? I find myself really wrestling with the emotions this work is bringing up, and I don’t necessarily feel comfortable processing them all publicly. . .”

We Don’t Have Enough Time for DEI | Ask Lisa

A man with his head in his hand, sitting behind a white laptop.

“Dear Lisa,

The people in my org, including myself, really want to do the work of DEI and as y’all call it, unlearning racism. The problem is, we’re already so overloaded and understaffed that no one is quite sure where to find the time for it. . .”

I’m Overwhelmed and Overcommitted – Help! | Ask Lisa

A Black woman has her hands rubbing her nose as she looks stressed above a gray laptop with a blurred background

“Dear Lisa,

I don’t know if I can keep up this pace for another year.
I don’t know what to give up, and I don’t know how. I feel like I’m careening toward collapse and I’m supposed to be starting the year with fresh excitement?? HELP!”