How to Ask for HELP at Work? | Dear Lisa

A man buries his face in his hands, wearing a pink sweater and pushing his glasses up onto his forehead.

“Dear Lisa: How do I stop trying to do everything myself and ask for HELP at work? I’m overwhelmed and know I could probably find things to delegate or outsource, but I don’t know where to begin.”

Do I Need Therapy to Do DEI? | Ask Lisa

A young woman with caramel skin and curly hair sits with her knees splayed apart on a cough, talking as she gestures with some flair into the air.

“Dear Lisa: Do I need to be in therapy to truly implement DEI work? I find myself really wrestling with the emotions this work is bringing up, and I don’t necessarily feel comfortable processing them all publicly. . .”

We Don’t Have Enough Time for DEI | Ask Lisa

A man with his head in his hand, sitting behind a white laptop.

“Dear Lisa,

The people in my org, including myself, really want to do the work of DEI and as y’all call it, unlearning racism. The problem is, we’re already so overloaded and understaffed that no one is quite sure where to find the time for it. . .”

I’m Overwhelmed and Overcommitted – Help! | Ask Lisa

“Dear Lisa,

I don’t know if I can keep up this pace for another year.
I don’t know what to give up, and I don’t know how. I feel like I’m careening toward collapse and I’m supposed to be starting the year with fresh excitement?? HELP!”

Queen Bee Syndrome

Queen Bee Syndrome is when high-ranking women in positions of authority treat the women who work below them more critically than their male-presenting counterparts. Learn more …

Adjusting Your Crown

Young black woman straw hat looking away

“Stop that crying.”  “Dry your eyes.”  “Be strong.”  “You gotta keep it moving.”  “Don’t nobody care about your little feelings being hurt.” “Don’t tell nobody our business.”  These are just […]