Queen Bee Syndrome

Queen Bee Syndrome is when high-ranking women in positions of authority treat the women who work below them more critically than their male-presenting counterparts. Learn more …

Adjusting Your Crown

Young black woman straw hat looking away

“Stop that crying.”  “Dry your eyes.”  “Be strong.”  “You gotta keep it moving.”  “Don’t nobody care about your little feelings being hurt.” “Don’t tell nobody our business.”  These are just a few of the messages sent to little Black girls all over the world. So what do we do with these messages? We grow into […]

What is “Normal” Anyway?

black woman writing on keyboard apple watch

March 2020 came in like a storm and has led to long-term changes for everyone. As a therapist, I thought telework would be around for 2-3 months, and here we are a year later still on the virtual platform.  After working for close to 30 years in the field, I was not prepared for the […]