What to Do after the Anti-racist Book Club?

A series of antiracist books are shown

When you find yourself in the middle of a social justice reckoning…

It’s not done when you say you’re an ally, or say you’re an anti-racist.

It’s not done when you’ve sat with your group of white friends and discussed “The Warmth of Other Suns” while sipping Chardonnay and lamenting about the struggles of others.

LTHJ Global Pride Glossary

Words are important. Understanding the terms used today to discuss things like sex, gender, race and race relations is a crucial step in becoming an ally. We all want to […]

King 5 News: How to Begin your Anti-Racism Journey

Watch the video HERE! Being anti-racist, whether speaking personally or of an organization, isn’t a state of being. It’s not something you achieve or create simply through take an anti-racist […]