What to Do after the Anti-racist Book Club?

When you find yourself in the middle of a social justice reckoning…

It’s not done when you say you’re an ally, or say you’re an anti-racist.

It’s not done when you’ve sat with your group of white friends and discussed “The Warmth of Other Suns” while sipping Chardonnay and lamenting about the struggles of others.

When It’s Time to Quit — From Lindsey’s Desk, October

Portrait of beautiful black woman wearing a yellow top and smiling rounded frame

I’m done trying to make change when there is no certainty about where we will be next year, hell, even next month.

I’m done trying to solve problems when it feels like other people just whine and complain and take no ownership for themselves, or just can’t be pleased.

I’m done busting my ass when it feels like everything is falling to shit around me.

Misogyny Culture Gets Meta — From Lindsey’s Desk, September

Portrait of beautiful black woman wearing a yellow top and smiling rounded frame

This month we have been exploring the various facets of explicit and implicit misogyny in workplace culture. And so I found it almost comical this past Wednesday, as I sat teaching a session on internalized misogyny in workplace culture to our monthly Leadership Roundtable community, that I should be so actively working to combat my […]

Queen Bee Syndrome

Queen Bee Syndrome is when high-ranking women in positions of authority treat the women who work below them more critically than their male-presenting counterparts. Learn more …

LTHJ Global Pride Glossary

Words are important. Understanding the terms used today to discuss things like sex, gender, race and race relations is a crucial step in becoming an ally. We all want to be represented properly. If you’re confused about terms like “gender fluidity” or what it means to be “gender neutral”, then this glossary is for you. […]

Juneteenth: Looking Back to Look Forward

How It Started On June 19th, 1865, Union troops arrived in Galveston, TX, to announce the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln. Of course, Lincoln had actually signed the proclamation two and a half years earlier, and speculation remains to this day as to why it took so long for the message to […]

Critical Race Theory in K-12 Education

Black little girl on a library full of books

Critical Race Theory in the K-12 school setting is a fireball topic right now, but why? It’s not new, and it’s not widely practiced in classrooms right now. So why the uproar? And if it’s not widely taught, should it be?  First Things First: A Solid Definition  When people talk about Critical Race Theory (CRT), […]