King 5 News: Asking the Uncomfortable Questions About Race & Racism

How do we have uncomfortable conversations about race? What if we don’t know what to say around issues like social unrest, sexism, racism, ableism, etc? When we’re afraid to fail, or make mistakes, we default to inaction. To succeed in having these hard conversations, we first have to overcome the fear of failure. Watch the […]

King 5 News: 3 Techniques to Help Managers Up-Level Their Leadership Game

Your team members are not okay, and likely – you aren’t either. Humans aren’t designed for the prolonged anxiety we’re all feeling, and it will probably continue into the next 12-18 months. Do you have the coping mechanisms in place to navigate it with your team? Watch the video HERE! How business leaders & managers […]

King 5 News: How to Begin your Anti-Racism Journey

Watch the video HERE! Being anti-racist, whether speaking personally or of an organization, isn’t a state of being. It’s not something you achieve or create simply through take an anti-racist training course. Instead, it’s a practice. It’s the series of intentional actions that you to take to exhibit that you believe in equity and appreciate […]

King 5 News: How Managers Can Support Teams in Times of Uncertainty

Black woman wearing glasses and smiling

The issue of mental health isn’t just personal. It plays a role in business too. How can managers better support their times during times of uncertainty and stress? It starts with recognizing that your team is not okay. That likely, you are not okay either. TRANSCRIPT: Lindsey first, can you just start by telling me, […]

Money Moxy Podcast: Embracing Failure in Your Business

Podcast yellow circle Money Moxy

How we embrace failure depends on how we frame failure in society. What if I told you that our societal fear of failure is a system of white supremacist culture? To succeed in anti-racism work and in your business, you need to accept failure, not fear it.

Moonshots Podcast with Naveen Jain: Healing Trauma

Lindsey T. H. Jackson speaking on the microphone

Healing from trauma is lifelong work, but it can help create a better world. Past trauma locks us into boxes with worldviews that can be harmful to ourselves. What can we do to move past it? TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to another episode of Moonshot. As you know, every week we bring amazing guest. These amazing guests […]

GSBA Rapid Response: Self-Care During a Pandemic

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COVID-19 has impacted us all. The mental, physical, and emotional impact has felt much like the stages of grief. But, we’re in a different stage now than we were a year ago. How should your self-care change accordingly now, and over the next 12-18 months? Lindsey takes a deep dive into self-care, both on a […]

Moonshots Podcast with Naveen Jain: When to Burn it Down


When someone puts you in a box, it’s time to burn it down. TRANSCRIPT: All these things… But you’re not perfect anymore? I’m not perfect anymore, right. But I’m perfectly me right? And all these things that we challenge that little girls are not meant to be, oh I said, get that out of here. […]