A DEI caucusing group in action

A caucus is a group of people who share a certain mindset or similar concerns and gather to share their personal views and seek solutions. Caucusing occurs in many situations, from legislative bodies to families. For the purpose of DEI, caucusing is a powerful anti-racist tool in which people work within their own self identifying groups to create a space in which vulnerability and courage are elevated to the forefront as individuals seek to do the “I” work. Caucusing should be seen as a tool, not as a goal. Most organizations that have started the anti racism journey need this crucial piece to set the stage for meaningful dialogue to continue.

Download our DEI Paper to learn to utilize caucusing as a tool in your organization’s DEI journey to create a space where vulnerability and courage can be elevated to the forefront. 

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Lindsey T. H. Jackson

Serving in the role of Lead Executive at LTHJ Global, Lindsey empowers people, leaders, and organizations to pursue and achieve their full potential. For 15+ years Lindsey has been authentically leading empowering entities for personal and organizational wellness. Lindsey specializes in executive coaching using the Enneagram, group facilitation, DEI training and implementation, and team development.

She has been honored to help diverse individuals across four continents transform their lives and their businesses through her unique blend of storytelling, trauma-informed coaching, and research.

Lindsey has worked nationally and internationally with small to mid-size businesses, nonprofits, corporations, founders and CEOs to embed meaningful and lasting change. Lindsey’s research model, The Enneagram of Bias(TM), fills an important gap in the DEI space by creating a methodology to prepare individuals, leaders, and organizations to embrace a culture of learning and preparedness to embrace DEI principles.

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