DEI & Inclusive Design
for small business
and nonprofits

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The Cohort Model™

Enneagram of Bias Anti-Racism & Leadership Training

Our cohort-based training and development initiatives allow us to serve small businesses, nonprofits, and startups with teams of less than 20 people, who would not otherwise be able to afford end-to-end DEI and Inclusive Design

Using the same human-centered, trauma-informed, and research backed frameworks we lead a handful of organizations and leaders through a 6-month group and individualized experience like none other.

Starting with our proprietary Enneagram of Bias Anti-Racism and Leadership Training™ and covering topics including measurement and analysis, hiring and recruitment, team and culture building, leadership training and development, these cohorts are an amazing opportunity to experience top-tier consultancy at a price you can afford.

Who Should Participate

Small businesses, nonprofits, and startups with teams of less than 20 people

Leaders serious about learning how to turn anti-racism and DEI training into
actionable insights and inclusive systems

Leaders who will benefit from learning and receiving support from other
leaders working on the same problems and opportunities

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What's Included

Month 1: Enneagram Of Bias Training, 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Month 2: Enneagram Of Bias Cont’d, 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Group Session:
Roll out Organizational Survey within each participant organization

Month 3: 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Group Session: Organizational Survey
Analysis, Reporting and Insights

 Month 4: 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Group Session:
Inclusive Organizational Design DeepDive 1

Organizational Design: Focus 5 Main Inclusive Systems of your choosing based on insights from survey

Month 5: 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Group Session:
Inclusive Org Design Deep-Dive 2 Development of Training Pathways based on Inclusive Systems implementation

Month 6: 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Group Session: Inclusive
Organizational Design Deep-Dive 3

Create Individual DEI and Inclusive
Culture Strategy & KPIs

The Enneagram of Bias Model Saviorism Denial Optics and numbers from 1-9

The Enneagram of Bias Model™

The Enneagram of Bias Model™, first identified by LTHJ GLOBAL founder, Lindsey T. H. Jackson, is a diagram highlighting tendencies in barriers to learning DEI concepts of the specific Enneagram types.

The Enneagram is an ancient typing practice that has long been used by individuals, organizations, leaders and practitioners to harness the best skills of each individual within the group and promote understanding of biases that limit excellence. However, Lindsey was the first to apply the diagram specifically to DEI. It is used to enable people to identify their specific blocks to embracing a culture of learning and willingness to embrace DEI initiatives

‘Ennea’ meaning nine, and ‘gram’ meaning picture, the Enneagram points to nine different emotional intelligences. However, unlike other well-known typing structures, the purpose of working with the Enneagram is to better understand not just what we do, but why we do it

Empowered with this information, individuals and organizations are able to free themselves from type, in order to make better decisions that align with personal and, or organizational goals

This same thinking is applied when working with the Enneagram of Bias Model™. It is designed to build upon this learning, by pointing to different ‘emotional biases’ that impede learning of DEI concepts.