Why you need dei training

Is your workplace thriving? Is it equitable and inclusive? Learning to identify internalized biases and harmful work norms should be a fundamental part of any Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative. 

Culturally diverse teams that learn how to make space for diverse perspectives and ways of working drive innovation are more productive, and report higher job satisfaction.

More than 3 in 4 employees and job seekers (76%) report a diverse workforce is an essential factor when evaluating companies and job offers. – Glassdoor 

Additionally, more diverse companies and leadership consistently prove to show improved profitability. Organizations in the top 25% when it comes to gender diversity among executive leadership teams are 21% more likely to be profitable and 27% better at creating value.  

Creating an inclusive culture and systems designed to promote equity and inclusivity is critical to creating thriving workplaces. We know that creating a thriving, equitable, and inclusive work environment takes time, expertise, and intentional practice. 

The LTHJ Global approach is rooted in black feminist theory, trauma-informed coaching, and the best practices in curriculum design. We want to empower you to create healthy people-first paradigms, allowing your teams to be happier and more innovative.

Find out how we customize our programs to fit your workplace’s unique needs, enabling you to step into a future where diversity is the norm, and everyone feels safe to bring their best to work.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

We offer more than a check-box approach to DEI training.

We start with an assessment in order to determine where a ‘benchmark’ of where your company is on their anti-racism journey.

We believe that individual work is critical to systems change, so we benchmark individuals on their journey as well.

We use visuals, videos, and workbooks throughout our course and utilize breakout rooms to facilitate group discussion.

This helps us to customize caucusing groups based on qualitative/quantitative data gathered from your company.

Our trainings take a “I/We/Us” approach to generate a feeling of community and accountability.

We make this work educational but also fun and offer learnings through a variety of mediums since everyone retains information differently.

Offerings From Experience

Lindsey T. H. Jackson

Serving in the role of Lead Executive Officer at LTHJ Global, Lindsey empowers people, leaders, and organizations to pursue and achieve their full potential. For 20+ years Lindsey has been authentically leading empowering entities for personal and organizational wellness. Lindsey specializes in executive coaching using inclusive organizational design principles, group facilitation, DEI training and implementation, and team development.

She has been honored to help diverse individuals across four continents transform their lives and their businesses through her unique blend of storytelling, trauma-informed coaching, and research.

Lindsey has worked nationally and internationally with small to mid-size businesses, nonprofits, corporations, founders and CEOs to embed meaningful and lasting change. Lindsey’s research model, The I – We – Us Model, fills an important gap in the DEI space by creating a methodology to prepare individuals, leaders, and organizations to embrace a culture of learning and preparedness to embrace DEI principles.

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