Enneagram of Bias™️

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Bias – prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or groups – is often implicit, operating without our awareness and affecting how we perceive and interact with others. Once we become aware of harmful biases that limit ourselves and others, we can begin questioning those biases and making more space between our subconscious actions, and the actions that reflect the person we truly want to be.

Leading a successful, equitable, and inclusive work environment takes time, attention, and effort. Our corporate training offerings are customized to fit the unique needs of your workplace—so you can lead your organization into a future where diversity is the norm and everyone feels safe to be creative and productive. Our training is highly interactive and includes four key components: listening sessions to understand individual concerns and experiences; DEI workshop using a proprietary modality called the Enneagram of Bias™️; organizational and inclusive culture design to create a workplace culture of inclusion; and implementation plans and coaching for leaders ready to co-create workplaces of the future.

We’ve developed a personalized approach to this work using our Enneagram of Bias™️ model which is a tool and teaching methodology developed by researchers at LTHJ Global to fill a gap in learning in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) theory and practices. 

This gap mainly consists of:

  1. The introduction of the I work concept at all levels of DEI, and a common language to explore the concepts that arise. I work is an undertaking by an individual to examine one’s relationship to inclusion and exclusion.

  2. The need to develop an increased capacity for empathy for oneself and other experiences before introducing DEI concepts.

  3. Increased awareness of techniques that foster a culture for learning DEI principles, concepts, and techniques.

  4. Expanded responsibility of facilitators and educators to mitigate personal biases that impede effective learning.

The Enneagram of Bias™️ model can liberate individuals, organizations, and leaders from harmful constructs that limit the human potential for equity and inclusivity.



Those interested in deepening their understanding of internalized oppression, critical race theory, systemic oppression, and social reform

Individuals looking for independent employer-sponsored DEI training

Leaders, educators, health care workers, mental health and coaching practitioners, DEI facilitators, community stakeholders, and activists

Leveraging cutting-edge research on DEI and organizational design principles, teaching methodologies, and leadership, and relationship coaching, we work with thought-leaders across various industries, cultures, and continents to reimagine the future of leadership, work, and community.

Currently offering this training virtually and in-person where CDC guidelines allow.


Facilitator Bio

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Lindsey T.H. Jackson

Serving in the role of CEO at LTHJ Global, Lindsey empowers people, leaders, and organizations to pursue and achieve their full potential. For 15+ years Lindsey has been authentically leading empowering entities for personal and organizational wellness. Lindsey specializes in executive coaching using the Enneagram, group facilitation, DEI training and implementation, and team development.

She has been honored to help diverse individuals across four continents transform their lives and their businesses through her unique blend of storytelling, trauma-informed coaching, and research.

Lindsey has worked nationally and internationally with small to mid-size businesses, nonprofits, corporations, founders and CEOs to embed meaningful and lasting change. Lindsey’s research model, The Enneagram of Bias™️, fills an important gap in the DEI space by creating a methodology to prepare individuals, leaders, and organizations to embrace a culture of learning and preparedness to embrace DEI principles.

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