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Unlearning Cancel Culture

September 7, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm PDT

This event has passed; we invite you to engage with the recording below and register for the next Unlearning!


Have you ever been quick to deem someone ‘problematic’? Or had a rumor spread about you, with little to no support for a genuine conversation to clear things up?

As writer Anne Applebaum points out, the costs of ‘cancel culture’ are not limited to those who are canceled.

For them, the combination of “isolation plus public shaming plus loss of income” certainly results in long-term personal, financial, and psychological repercussions. This can happen with or without good cause — and generally ruins any opportunity for the canceled person’s rehabilitation in society.

Beyond the individual canceled, this growing knee-jerk reaction of deeming others guilty-at-a-glance creates a culture where few are brave enough to contribute their unique ideas to the collective conversation — or to come forward about committing past harm, wanting to learn how not to recreate it. Instead people are exiled, rather than invited into deeper learning and allyship.



We know this:

  1. We collectively wish to reduce human harm
  2. People must be held accountable for causing harm, and shown alternate ways of engaging in community
  3. There is often an underrepresented degree of nuance in a canceling situation
  4. We have been offered few pathways or alternatives to canceling that help reduce harm for all involved

So how do we create a culture in which harm is decreasing, and ongoing learning is uplifted for all? We turned to our panel of experienced, open-hearted, solutions-oriented leaders to explore new pathways for society. (Meet them below!)


Meet the Panel:

On a dark eggplant-colored background appear the words at top and bottom: "Unlearning Cancel Culture. Free virtual event. Wednesday, Sept. 7th, 1-2:15 pm Pacific // 4 Eastern." In the center are 4 arrows from left to right, the first three off-white and the last tomato-colored. Leticia Nieto's headshot is shown with the text: "Leticia Nieto (she/her). Leadership coach, psychotherapist, educator."Leticia Nieto, PsyD, LMFT, TEP (she/her) is a leadership coach, psychotherapist, and educator specializing in liberation and equity, cultural responsiveness, motivational patterning, and evolutionary creativity. Her 2010 book, Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone, is an accessible analysis of the dynamics of oppression and supremacy that offers readers ways to develop skills to promote social justice.

Dr. Nieto is internationally recognized for her expertise addressing social justice concerns from a developmental ecological perspective including orienting to systemic transformation, survivance, song and poetry, relational repair, joy, radical rest, intersectional coalition, and reparative and restorative justice.

Check out her course on Rupture & Repair starting September 9th, 2022 HERE!



Ari Felix (they/them) is a multidisciplinary philosopher and Seer dedicated to being in sacred relationship with the Planetary Ancestors (including the earth). Through their grief-literate and trauma-informed practice, they have supported shapeshifters and worldbuilders like themselves in creating self-love and spiritual freedom for over a decade. Ari shows others how to see the world through multidimensional x-ray goggles so they can be free, too.

Ari has worked with people who have been canceled, and who have participated in canceling someone. They utilize astrology as an entryway to building alternate frameworks, in the modern absence of a spiritual culture of love. Ari is uniquely skilled in bringing esoteric frameworks to day-to-day challenges we’re collectively navigating.

Check out their downloadable teachings, including on healing cancel culture with Love Exalted HERE! You can also connect on Instagram and check out their website.




Over a 20+ year career, Nichole Ossa (she/her) has held a variety of roles across many areas of social and human services including positions related to disability justice, economic justice, mental health advocacy, workforce development, education and training, organizational development, and leadership development. Nichole has brought lived and professional experience related to social justice and human rights to life in every role she has held, including her current work with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services leading a team of 18 DEI professionals focused on bringing Proactive Equity, Anti-Racism, Access Planning, and Belonging to life in the day-to-day work of a large public service agency.

Nichole holds an undergraduate degree focused on Latin American studies and human rights, a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, and is currently completing a Ph.D. in social justice and transformational leadership.

Connect with Nichole Ossa here on LinkedIn!




And your host… 🎙️ Lindsey T. H. Jackson!

Lindsey is a creative force in motion. Every year, organizations and outlets like MoPOP, the Washington State GSBA and King5 News call on her to guide thousands of individuals through their shared journeys of Unlearning our culturally patterned biases and traumas. And now, we’re fortunate enough to be one of them!

Through her ongoing research on the root causes of our Western culture of pressure and burnout, Lindsey has spent over 15 years clearing the path to wellness & liberation alongside leaders, teams, and organizations.

And today, she’s the CEO creating the future of work with her team at LTHJ Global — leading the organizational Diversity, Equity & Inclusion evolution from the inside out.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn [here] or learn more about her work here at LTHJ Global [here].


This event included ASL interpretation which faced technical difficulties. If you are seeking additional support, please write to us: social@lthjglobal.com.

We explored this together in the shared space of our virtual Zoom event on Unlearning Cancel Culture.

Registration is free for this event each first Wednesday of the month; bring a friend!

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September 7, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm PDT
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LTHJ Global
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