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Unlearning DEI is Dead


Join us this August for our newest Unlearning Session: Unlearning DEI Is Dead Joining us on the virtual couch are three power-house DEI professionals from around the country. Sonia-Layne Gartside, Ava Williams, and Veronica Smith. If you've been told that DEI doesn't work, or that DEI is now dead as a result of the 'anti-woke' […]

Unlearning “Tough on Crime”


.event-content p, .event-content ul { font-weight: 400; } Did you know? 💡 With its "Tough on Crime" approach, the U.S. legal and judicial system imprisons more people per capita than any other nation. At a staggering rate of 565 people per 100,000 residents incarcerated, and many more individuals experiencing probation and parole — the system […]