Unlearning DEI is Dead


Join us this August for our newest Unlearning Session: Unlearning DEI Is Dead Joining us on the virtual couch are three power-house DEI professionals from around the country. Sonia-Layne Gartside, Ava Williams, and Veronica Smith. If you've been told that DEI doesn't work, or that DEI is now dead as a result of the 'anti-woke' […]

Unlearning “Tough on Crime”


.event-content p, .event-content ul { font-weight: 400; } Did you know? 💡 With its "Tough on Crime" approach, the U.S. legal and judicial system imprisons more people per capita than any other nation. At a staggering rate of 565 people per 100,000 residents incarcerated, and many more individuals experiencing probation and parole — the system […]

Unlearning Anti-Trans Misinformation

  Are you ready to clear up the fog of misinformation surrounding transgender friends, colleagues and communities? We gathered on Wednesday, June 7th for a jam-packed live virtual show, Unlearning Anti-Trans Misinformation, with the Unlearning community in our collective journey of understanding, compassion, and personal growth. Catch the recording below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqcS4vc_TbY   Replay this personal […]

Unlearning the Model Minority Myth: AAPI Heritage Month


🎉 Catch this episode replay for our insightful and transformative event, Unlearning the Model Minority Myth, which we held during Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. 🌸 Want to be there next time? Get the opportunity to connect with other DEI-forward leaders as part of an ongoing virtual monthly community! 🌟 During this […]

Unlearning Ableism: World Autism Month


Do you stumble over your words - and actions - when it comes to autism & Autistic people? Or aren't often understood when describing your own experiences with autism? Not sure how to better meet the needs of Autistic colleagues, vendors, or customers? Gain valuable insights from this panel of talented Autistic individuals to enhance […]

Unlearning Hatred of Women

Unlearning Hatred of Women: A Panel Discussion for Women's History Month Are you tired of feeling powerless in the face of misogyny and patriarchy? Watch this Women's History Month panel discussion that will inspire you to take healing action and create real change. We explored the roots of societal hatred of women, and how it's […]

Healing Movement: Collective Grief & Co-Liberation for Black History Month

eXit SPACE Seattle 6600 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA, United States

Event hosted by Barefoot Collective. Register HERE on Eventbrite   Join facilitators Lindsey T.H. Jackson and Sadiqua Iman for Barefoot Collective's February Healing Movement Workshop. This Black-focused healing session will use the medium of movement to attend to and release generational wounds that have taken space in our bodies. This class is FREE and open […]

Unlearning Anti-Blackness


p { font-weight: 400; } How did we start Black History Month off right? 👑 We brought together our global community of liberatory Unlearners to explore the historic, political and emotional roots of anti-blackness—and how even many of the most diverse and inclusive spaces have continued to perpetuate it. The Unlearning panel and community came […]

Unlearning Business-As-Usual

This event has passed; we invite you to engage with the recording below and register for the next Unlearning! The old way of doing business has proven unsustainable and unjust. This is especially clear as we head into an uncertain economy in 2023 which reveals the growing gaps in access to financial security for all. But […]

Unlearning Hopelessness ❄️ (Holiday Edition!)


This event has passed; we invite you to engage with the recording below and register for the next Unlearning! Have you felt like just giving up on making a difference lately? Almost too burnt out to care anymore? You're not the only one. These days, activism fatigue is plaguing many people who want to keep […]

Unlearning Colonialism


This event has passed; we invite you to engage with the recording below and register for the next Unlearning!   How can you decolonize the way you live, work and serve your team & community? The impacts of colonialism can be found throughout our personal, organizational and societal beliefs and behaviors. Decolonizing our ways of being […]