Learning from YOU: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | What’s Needed Now


CALLING ALL ORGANIZATIONAL EQUITY CHAMPIONS:   Need to implement a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DEIA) solution for your team or organization asap, but don't know where to start or how to continue? Maybe you've been working with a DEI specialist, but are left with more questions than completed action steps. Perhaps you're stuck at the […]

Fear in Leadership | {Free Monthly Leadership Roundtable}

Leadership Roundtable on Zoom

Fear is a natural part of any active leader's day. In our response to the fear that arises, we determine the direction of our path, our team's trajectory, our community's story. How can we Unlearn the automatic responses we have when fear arises, to open more space for what we wish to foster heading into […]

Unlearning Overcommitment: do less, better {Leadership Roundtable}

Leadership Roundtable on Zoom

"It’s the start of a new year. Why am I tired already?"   Yeah. This isn’t sustainable. How can we do less in 2022?   How can what we do be more aligned with the version of ourselves we wish to be… …Without burning out?!   Join our *free* monthly Leadership Roundtable, where we come together at the virtual table […]

Unlearning Racism: February 2nd Roundtable

Get your seat now... register for February's Leadership Roundtable! This month we're Unlearning Racism with Lindsey T. H. Jackson, who will reveal draft passages from her book-in-progress, Unlearning Racism. Using these draft passages, Lindsey will invite your reactions, feedback, and the conversation will roll from there. If you're on LinkedIn, you can register there instead, or […]

March 2nd Leadership Roundtable: Unlearning Misogyny for Women’s History Month

Leadership Roundtable on Zoom

Misogyny: suppression, aversion to, and (even if veiled) hatred of women and all behaviors or traits considered feminine. 👇🏾 Register here for free to join our panel as we kick off Women's History Month with a compassionate and dynamic approach to unlearning misogyny. How can we unlearn this internalized and externalized cultural limitation, which we […]

Unlearning Individualism. || Wed April 6 || Leadership Roundtable

"I'll just do it myself." "It's fine, I've got it." "Ugh, it'll be faster if I just do it." "I really don't have the time to take care of myself like that." If you were raised in Western culture (or one deeply influenced by it), you've probably thought or said a number of these things. […]

Unlearning White Complicity || Leadership Roundtable

White Identity and Anti-Racism in Progressive Cultures Many White individuals struggle with reconciling their identity as a 'Good Person' with the larger oppressive racist structures they have come to identify. Facing conversations around racism can bring up feelings of fear, guilt, defensiveness, and perfectionism. Often when receiving feedback around racism they may get immediately defensive, […]