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LTHJ Global Exclusive - DEI Intiative

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Customized Corporate initiatives

Leading a successful, equitable, and inclusive work environment takes time, attention, and effort. Our corporate training offerings are customized to fit the unique needs of your workplace — so you can lead your organization into a future where diversity is the norm and everyone feels safe to be creative and productive. Our partnerships are highly interactive and include four key components: listening sessions to understand individual concerns and experiences; a DEI workshop using a proprietary modality called the Enneagram of Bias Model; organizational and inclusive culture design to create a workplace culture of inclusion; and implementation plans and coaching for leaders ready to co-create workplaces of the future.

Good for

  • Organizations and leaders looking to create a more productive, creative, and inclusive work environment with higher employee retention and profitability
  • Professionals seeking DEI training and resources to educate and support their team, management, and/or board
  • Organizations interested in DEI training in response to a specific internal event
  • Teachers and mental health professionals aiming to address DEI issues with students or clients