Janice Chaka is an Associate Consultant at LTHJ Global. She is an international HR specialist who has worked with CEO’s on HR, executive coaching, mental health, remote work and employee engagement. 

Janice believes that the untraditional learning is underrated in organizations. As a non-traditional learner, who started of working in casinos in the UK and eventually became part of HRCI’s team to write exam questions for HR certification exams. This was after working her way around a HR department for a few years as well as leading a team.

Janice has a dual perspective on leadership and management. She was able to develop her skills as an international recruiting manager who learned about people development, cross-cultural communication, working remotely and more through the years of experience she gathered in that role. It wasn’t until Janice started noticing how many introverted foreigners struggled with their careers because they weren’t given opportunities or were evaluated unfairly due to American hiring practices that she decided it was time for a change; so she created workshops centered around these topics too!