Where to Start Building an Inclusive Workplace

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At LTHJ Global, we feel strongly about offering you the necessary resources in order to create an inclusive workplace where diversity is the norm. For that reason, we are happy to offer you a peek into our diversity, equity, and inclusion training. This free preview offers pivotal foundational information that will be valuable to your DEI initiative. In this video we will cover:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • What does it mean to have an inclusive workplace?
  • How does diversity improve your business?
  • What can you expect from an LTHJ Global training?

Why Should You Choose Us?

We offer more than a check-box approach to DEI training.

We start with an assessment in order to determine where a ‘benchmark’ of where your company is on their anti-racism journey.

We believe that individual work is critical to systems change, so we benchmark individuals on their journey as well.

We use visuals, videos, and workbooks throughout our course and utilize breakout rooms to facilitate group discussion.

This helps us to customize caucusing groups based on qualitative/quantitative data gathered from your company.

Our trainings take a “I/We/Us” approach to generate a feeling of community and accountability.

We make this work educational but also fun and offer learnings through a variety of mediums since everyone retains information differently.

Offerings From Experience

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Lindsey T.H. Jackson

Serving in the role of CEO at LTHJ Global, Lindsey empowers people, leaders, and organizations to pursue and achieve their full potential. For 15+ years Lindsey has been authentically leading empowering entities for personal and organizational wellness. Lindsey specializes in executive coaching using the Enneagram, group facilitation, DEI training and implementation, and team development.

She has been honored to help diverse individuals across four continents transform their lives and their businesses through her unique blend of storytelling, trauma-informed coaching, and research.

Lindsey has worked nationally and internationally with small to mid-size businesses, nonprofits, corporations, founders and CEOs to embed meaningful and lasting change. Lindsey’s research model, The Enneagram of Bias(TM), fills an important gap in the DEI space by creating a methodology to prepare individuals, leaders, and organizations to embrace a culture of learning and preparedness to embrace DEI principles.

La'Kita Williams

La’Kita Williams is co-founder of LTHJ Global. She has over 12 years of diverse experience ranging from corporate sales and training to talent management and organizational development. As a certified professional coach and trained master’s level social worker, she has worked with small businesses, organizations, founders, and CEOs to strategically plan and design inclusive company culture, lead change, and enhance team experience.

A core tenet of La’Kita’s work is building strategic partnerships with organizations to help them identify and communicate their core purpose and build shared systems for working together. In everything we do at LTHJ Global, we know that “culture is the strategy”.

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Resources and Readings to
Get You Started

You are one step closer to creating a safer space for all your employees, and ultimately, a more profitable business. Research shows that companies exhibiting gender and ethnic diversity are, respectively, 15% and 35% more likely to outperform less diverse peers. Further, organizations with more racial and gender diversity bring in more sales revenue, more customers and higher profits. ⁠

Teams are 158% more likely to understand target customers when they have at least one member who represents their target’s gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or culture. And Organizations in the top 25% when it comes to gender diversity among executive leadership teams are 21% more likely to be profitable and 27% better at creating value.⁠

Creating a diverse workplace is not just about inclusive hiring practices. There are many moving parts to take into consideration and we are here to offer you all perspectives. Take the next step in evolving your business and sign up for a full-length training today!

We hope you find value in our Free Beginner Course.

Source: McKinsey & Company in partnership with The Society for Human Research Management (SHRM).

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  • Module 1: What is an inclusive workplace?
    • Defining unconscious bias
    • Accessibility
    • Inclusion
    • Equity
    • Diversity
  • Module 2: Why is Diversity and Inclusion important?
    • For your business
    • For staff
    • For systems
  • Module 3: What can you expect from a full-length training?
    • Who we are
    • Benchmarking and Caucusing
    • I/We/Us approach
    • Course Material
  • Conclusion


Lindsay speaks on what anti-racism is and how you can begin your journey. This has good messaging in it and parts could be used in an intro video King 5 News: How to Begin your Anti-Racism Journey!