Laura is the Director of Buzz & Hype leading our community’s growth and connection. They direct our authentic, non-extractive Marketing & PR in collaboration with the LTHJ Global team and partners.

On any given day, Laura can be found orchestrating the Unlearning sessions; securing speaking engagements for the enigmatic Lindsey T. H. Jackson; strategizing ways to evolve the narratives around DEI; and high-fiving babies.

Those working with Laura have called them a “Swiss Army Knife,” “Full Stack Creative Producer,” and “All Around Good Time.” 

Laura’s recent experience: offering strategic communications for the community-based Myanmar initiative Doh Eain, supporting Ecosocial Farm in Albania, and directing production with Creative Media Group which included the launch of the Moonshots with Naveen Jain podcast — including this early interview Naveen did with Lindsey!

You can find out more about Laura’s independent work at or connect on LinkedIn or Instagram.