Lindsey's unique ability to translate tough topics into personal, relatable, and impactful stories has earned her the reputation as a break-out voice of our time.

Each year, organizations & event mavens call on her to welcome tens of thousands of leaders into the shared journey of Unlearning our cultural biases. Lindsey’s natural storytelling and her cheeky humor invite people into their authentic selves, allowing people to enter those charged conversations with genuine curiosity.

Lindsey brings 15+ years’ experience
clearing the path to wellness & liberation alongside leaders, teams, and organizations with her ongoing research on the root causes and antidotes for our current dominant culture of pressure and burnout.

Now, she serves in the role of Founder & CEO at LTHJ Global, co-creating the future of work with the team. Together, LTHJ Global is expanding access to leading-edge Diversity, Equity & Inclusion methods to small-to-midsize organizations for healing and innovation at work and beyond.

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