LTHJ Global Leadership Roundtable



Managing Millennials:  Work With, Not On

Ever feel like you’re speaking a different language than your millennial team members? Struggling to motivate and retain them, while they seem to think the grass is greener everywhere else?

This month’s Leadership Roundtable features a panel of thoughtful Millennials and Millennial/Gen Z Cusp leaders getting real about their perspectives from within the workforce.


We’ll explore:

  • How do you manage Millennials?
    (Spoiler alert: you don’t)
  • Why are so many Millennials and Gen Z-ers criticizing “late stage capitalism”?
  • Can we facilitate a shorter workday and workweek?
  • What role you can play in the revolution (while retaining your star players)
  • What ACTUALLY motivates Millennials to contribute their best, for the long term 


The monthly LTHJ Global Leadership Roundtable is open to all members of the public, free of charge.


👇      WEDNESDAY, OCT. 6 @ 8am PT | 11am  ET       👇 

diverse group, co-workers having casual discussion in the office

Our LTHJ Global Leadership Roundtable:

  • Surrounds you with a community of leaders who are pushing the boundaries of how we define leadership in 2021 just like you
  •  Provides a supportive space to share and discuss the unique experience of being a leader
  • And fosters an innovative space to explore new ideas and reimagine the future of work and society.

Each month, you’ll learn something new to deepen your practice of leadership. In our shared discussion container, we can try out new ways of being in professional relationship — while acknowledging and harnessing our shared human growth points.

Basically, we let it get real.


Sessions of our LTHJ Global Leadership Roundtable series are generally led by one of our skilled team members. Sometimes we feature guest experts, including those suggested by you.

This monthly roundtable is a free opportunity for you to connect with thought leaders across industries — amplifying and accelerating your growth as an inclusive, future-forging leader with a thriving network.