LTHJ Global Leadership Roundtable

diverse group, co-workers having casual discussion in the office

In everything we do, our greatest wish is to lead with winning research and best practices that we think can support you as an individual, leader, and community member.

Remember, our LTHJ Global Leadership Roundtables serve to:

  • Surround you with a community of leaders who are pushing the boundaries of how we define leadership in 2021 just like you
  •  Provide a supportive space to share and discuss the unique experience of being a leader
  • Foster an innovative space to explore new ideas and reimagine the future of work and society


We are blessed to work with leaders from across the country and across industries and sectors. And we know that by bringing you together each month we can contribute to the innovation in your companies and leadership styles, but also to your mental and emotional well-being. Which ultimately contributes to your employees well-being.


Join us Wednesday, August 4th at 8AM PDT.

In this session we will deepen our understanding of how our Enneagram Type impacts our leadership styles. We will explore common type-specific conflicts and misunderstandings, and review conflict resolution strategies for navigating differences in style and temperament.


Each session of our LTHJ Global Leadership Roundtable series is led by one of our team members and occasionally, may also feature the knowledge, wisdom, and expertise of esteemed colleagues. We leverage the full breadth of our experience in order to connect you with the thought leaders across industries in order to amplify and accelerate your growth as a leader.