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In your 30-minute consultation, Lindsey will cover a variety of topics with you:

  • Where your organization currently is at
  • Where you and key contributors would like your organization to be when it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices
  • What kind of DEI support does your organization needs, and how LTHJ Global can support you in reaching your highest potential!

No client is too small or too early or far on their journey. We build accessible products to meet people where they are.

Our mission at LTHJ Global is to break down real or perceived barriers for reaching our highest potential as individuals and as a society. We strive to bring this vision to life by providing you with:

  • DEI & Culture Consulting
  • Inclusive Design
  • Executive Coaching

Our Strategies and Research:

  • DEI Recruitment & Hiring Strategy
  • Caucusing & Affinity Group Development
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Pay Analysis & Pay Equity

We’ve helped many of our clients implement actionable anti-racism, workplace inclusion, and DEI strategies. Take that first step toward a better future, today.