Here’s the bottom line:

In today’s business world, DEI is a must-have. Effectively incorporating DEI initiatives into your organization – whether a nonprofit, corporation, small business or association – creates a culture your team loves and your customers notice.

Our DEI strategies boost our clients’ innovation, collective problem-solving, and reported workplace satisfaction.

Benefits of Effective DEI


According to Glassdoor, “76% of job seekers and employees report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.” The expectations of job candidates have evolved from companies saying they’re committed to DEI, to actually engaging in ongoing DEI work.


Creating a workplace culture with a sense of inclusion and belonging improves the stability of your company. Studies have shown that workplace belonging is linked to a 56% increase in job performance and a 50% reduction in turnover risk.


Cultivating a team of people who bring diverse backgrounds, ideologies and perspectives gives your org a competitive edge in innovation. The Harvard Business Review found that diverse companies are 70% likelier to capture a new market. They’re also 45% more likely to report increased market share year-over-year.

employee engagement

The relationship between employees and their organizations is a key to shared success. Like any relationship, you get out what you put in. Employees who are satisfied with their company’s commitment to DEI are 2x as engaged in their company’s success.

public impact

The relationship between organizations and their clients is clearly impacted by DEI initiatives. 64% of US consumers are likely to increase their chance of making a first purchase when they watch advertisements and announcements with a diverse, inclusive and socially conscious approach – and 67% are more likely to make a second purchase.


Nonprofits tend to face similar issues when it comes to managing employees, volunteers, Board members, and the communities they partner with. You’re tasked with inspiring members and volunteers, reducing turnover & burnout, fundraising, navigating the political climate, and aligning your nonprofit’s external & internal values. As mission-driven organizations whose stakeholders really care about social justice, we know that getting DEI right is mission-critical.

DEI helps nonprofit organizations:

  • Align their actions with their stated mission
  • Reduce employee turnover and burnout
  • Boost volunteer & member enthusiasm


Businesses today face more pressure than ever to align their stated values with their actions. Our methodologies have been refined to help clients strategically plan and confidently implement their DEI goals and initiatives. We work with your HR and DEI leaders to achieve your internal & external initiatives — strengthening company alignment and teamwork toward a shared mission.

DEI helps your company:

  • Increase employee job satisfaction & reduce turnover
  • Build employee trust and engagement
  • Navigate crisis and risk mitigation & response
  • Get noticed by customers and fans
  • Implement strategic DEI organizational design

Education Providers

The primary focus of any good education program is to improve student learning and outcomes. DEI initiatives have a high impact on student learning because they embrace difference in perspectives, leading to a more dynamic academic environment. The entire institution including faculty & staff, the recruitment process, communication between students/teachers, and course design needs to incorporate DEI principles into its foundational structure.

DEI helps education providers:

  • Increase student learning & outcomes
  • Create a dynamic learning environment
  • Improve critical thinking amongst students and support staff
  • Support underrepresented students
  • Prepare students for a changing real world environment

small organizations

You’ve got a lot going on — between adapting to new ways of working, keeping the team engaged, growing your leadership skills, and keeping the lights on, there’s always more than enough on everyone’s plate. We created Sojourn to empower you with everything you need to clarify & lead your team’s DEI Journey.

With Sojourn, you have:

  • The step-by-step Workpaths and Tools to embed DEI best practices
  • Live workshops & courses for every stage of your DEI journey
  • Task tracking & essential compliance tools; know what to do next, what capacity it will take, and how to report on progress along the way
  • Ongoing DEI support at an affordable investment for your smaller organization
  • Direct guidance from DEI leaders via chat and email support, so you’re never navigating this journey alone

for everyone

If you don’t see your organization in this list, have no fear — every org can benefit from a good DEI initiative. LTHJ Global will work with you to develop the right program to suit your organization; just reach out.

We proudly serve:

  • Institutions seeking to activate their values, and attract the new generation of staff & supporters

  • Startups ready to infuse DEI into their DNA from the jump and reimagine business-as-usual

  • Associations offering the best support for the breadth of organization leaders they serve

  • Nontraditional Organizations creating the future of collaboration through DAOs and other future-centric models for greater equity

  • Other outlets & networks who are creating the type of world they want to live, work and lead in