Born into a time and place where multiple forms of diversity and difference were “normal and normalized”, Robin is a white-bodied cis-gendered female-identified facilitator and researcher with un-ending curiosity about the human experience and anti-oppression. 

Early in Robin’s life, Robin was shaped by soul-satisfying 80s and 90s hip hop, which led her to attain a degree in Peace Studies and Restorative Justice in Namibia in 1994, during their second democratic election. Since then, Robin’s work has included 22 years in the technology sector, social services in support of youth and creativity, writing for a hip hop magazine, living on multiple continents and contexts, and welding metal as an artist. 

Most recently, Robin’s research on the Anti-Oppression journey was foundational to LTHJ’s mission. This body of work supports each of us to identify our own I and We-work so that we can progress toward the kind of collective liberation that gets us all free.

As a type 4 on the Enneagram, Robin wrestles with her own intersectional identity: neurotypicality; internalized oppression around race, gender and class; being a member of a multi-racial, multi-cultural family, and living most of her life in the midst of a city undergoing its own identity-questioning, Seattle.