The best way to work on DEI is the way that works for you.

Embedding DEI in your organization is an investment in your team with an ROI in culture, commitment, creativity and clarity of conscience. Our services range from short, targeted training & development work to comprehensive, long term initiatives led by a Fractional DEI Director working on the ground with your team.


Learn why our workshops fill up so fast. Our facilitators bring decades of research and lots of levity to in-depth sessions that leave your team flowing with actionable ideas. Each workshop makes the theoretical, practical through our I – We – Us Model. This allows your organization to align vision with action, advancing your understanding and leadership.

Great For:

Organizations of all sizes, Team building, Existing DEI/JEDI/EDI strategy, Limited budget

A diverse group of people listen sitting to a seminar. A White man listens intently with blurred background
A light-skinned Black woman with curly hair speaks to rows of blurred out diverse people


Experience the courses our community keeps talking about! This is where we bring our ‘secret sauce’ from the LTHJ Global team of groundbreaking researchers, facilitators and advocates. Each course builds on itself, contributing to sustainable growth while nurturing equity and human growth for your organization.

Great For:

Individuals, Team building, Phased learning for orgs of all sizes

Executive coaching

We offer customized executive coaching to help you navigate the challenges you face as a leader in today’s changing landscape. You’ve got a lot on your plate; we help you prioritize what truly matters, and respond compassionately when issues arise. Our coaches offer guidance on everything from running meetings, to onboarding, policy design, business planning and strategic implementation.

Great For:

Crisis support, Personal development, Deep organizational design work, Executive buy-in, Team leaders

A White woman with red hair and a green top welcomes a man with darker skin and a flannel shirt in a light office

DEI Recruitment & Hiring Strategy

Caucusing & Affinity Group Development

A diverse group of young people smile at the camera, featuring a masculine-presenting person with glittery makeup
A young woman of color in a gray shirt presents for people in the background on a whiteboard

Policy Development & Implementation

Measurement & Analysis

A person with masculine-appearing hands points a pen at a paper, with someone with mixed complexion in a white shirt slightly blurred past them. Calculators and papers are on the table
A diverse team sits at an office table with statistics in front of them

Pay Analysis & Pay Equity

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