Unlearning Anti-Trans Misinformation

Cutouts of panelist headshots appear on a background with the trans pride flag (pink, blue and white stripes). Text: Unlearning Anti-Trans Misinformation with Lindsey T. H. Jackson. Wednesday, June 7, Free & ASL Interpreted Online. 1-2:15pm PT / 4-5:15pm ET. River Teslar is pictured, a medium-tone skinned transgender woman with long brown hair and black glasses and a coy smile; Dr. Marci Bowers, a standing transgender White woman with blonde hair in a doctor's jacket; Reverend David Chatel, a White male priest with a salt and pepper beard, wearing an inquisitive expression; and Lindsey T. H. Jackson, an American Afro-Caribbean woman with long black locs and a confident expression. LTHJ Global logo.

  Are you ready to clear up the fog of misinformation surrounding transgender friends, colleagues and communities? We gathered on Wednesday, June 7th for a jam-packed live virtual show, Unlearning […]