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In your 30-minute consultation, Lindsey will cover a variety of topics with you:

  • Where your organization currently is at
  • Where you and key contributors would like your organization to be when it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices
  • What kind of DEI support does your organization needs, and how LTHJ Global can support you in reaching your highest potential!

“No client is too small or too early or far on their journey. We build accessible products to meet people where they are.”

Our mission at LTHJ Global is to break down real or perceived barriers for reaching our highest potential as individuals and as a society. We strive to bring this vision to life by providing you with:

  • DEI & Culture Consulting
  • Inclusive Design
  • Executive Coaching

Our Strategies and Research:

  • DEI Recruitment & Hiring Strategy
  • Caucusing & Affinity Group Development
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Pay Analysis & Pay Equity

We’ve helped many of our clients implement actionable anti-racism, workplace inclusion, and DEI strategies. Take that first step towards a better future and start today.

LTHJ Global resources


Unlearning Racism:
The Enneagram of Bias™️

Bias – prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or groups – is often unconscious. Once we become aware of harmful biases that limit ourselves and others, we can begin questioning those biases and closing the gap between our values and how we actually show up.

This 8-part course is the entryway into the personal ‘I’ work within the I – We – Us Method™️ framework to liberate ourselves from habits and structures of oppression to reach our highest human potential.

Unlearning Misogyny: #EnlightenedAF

#EnlightenedAF is a 28-day intensive for rebellious womxn who are ready to channel all their passion, anger, energy, and talent into a truly revolutionary new wave of womxn’s empowerment.

Participants learn how to:

  • Embrace being called “too dramatic,” “too loud,” “too outspoken,” or “too different”
  • Turn your inner and yet-untapped power into intentional action
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Pound the table to smash personal glass ceilings in the areas of health, relationships, career, and well-being

Events & Talks

Fear in Leadership

Fear is a natural part of any active leader’s day. How can we Unlearn the automatic responses we have when fear arises, to open more space for what we wish to foster in our lives and leadership?

Participants examine what they have been taught about leadership and fear, and the stories we’ve been told about sharing our fears with colleagues.

They’ll learn why (and how):

  • You can’t stop feelings of fear, but you can choose healthier ways to express them
  • Fear is not an excuse for inaction
  • Often by voicing our fears we begin to reclaim our agency
  • Leaders can be afraid; leaders can make mistakes
  • When people bring you their fears, how to avoid the ego trap of rescuing them, and find ways to empower their own inner guide

Unlearning Racism

Unlearning Racism is a talk like none other, with dynamic storytelling from Lindsey T. H. Jackson. It is an opportunity to reflect on our culturing around race and racism, and to what ordinary acts of courage we can commit to practicing. Lindsey creates an open space for participants to reflect and optionally share, in a space where “failure” is welcomed and we can practice engaging in authentic relationships with each other in life, love and leadership — not always an easy thing to do.

By opening up artistically about her personal experiences, Lindsey offers us an entryway into relating with our journey of unlearning racism from compassion and curiosity.


Disrupting Bias

In this training, participants learn the following skills to disrupt aggression which occurs in the forms of discrimination, targeting, and bias:

  1. How to recognize and disrupt micro- and macro-aggressions when they witness them,
  2. How to call people into a closer relationship with their expressed values.
  3. How to own mistakes, apologize, and begin the process of repair.

Participants then explore how to utilize their personal agency toward creating a culture of greater accountability and safet

DEI Hiring &
Culture Change

In this workshop, participants will learn the importance of building and nurturing a diverse team.

Topics we cover include:

  • Best practices to prepare your culture for embracing an expansive-culture mindset
  • Innovative ways to find and recruit new talent
  • What candidates are looking for in your company and job description
  • 3 things NOT to do when trying to recruit and build a diverse team


How to Start Your Antiracism Journey

This workshop will serve as both an introduction to anti-racism and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion theory and principles, as well as an exploration of the journey of anti-racism practice.

Key topics include:

  • The unique egoic traps that are barriers to anti-bias work
  • The often unnamed fears that lead “good people” to prop up their privilege

This includes facilitating key conversations around how your organization may embrace these ongoing explorations to benefit yourself, your team, and those you serve.