Burning down the tropes that put her into a box gave Lindsey the clarity to position herself to reach her full position. Listen in as she explores the power of ‘care of self’ mindset and action while building a sustainable business as an empowered entrepreneur.

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Bridget: Welcome to the Passionpreneur Experience, where I examine the thoughts, energy and strategy a side hustler needs to grow their entrepreneurial dreams. All while they work their corporate 9­ to ­5 day job. I’m your host, Bridget Cobb. Now, lets get started!

Everybody, welcome back to the Passionpreneur Experience (The Energetic Entrepreneur Podcast). Today, I have the pleasure of having Lindsey T­.H. Jackson on the show. Lindsey is a powerhouse of all things balance, mindset, and really taking care of yourself. If you had to do a website, which I absolutely love, which is lindseythjackson.com, she encapsulates it pretty well on her about page -artist, storyteller, social scientist, entrepreneur, especially long-term health pro, she’s a mother, she’s a night owl, and a wannabe wanderlust. But I know Lindsay from getting out and about around Seattle and the entrepreneur scene. She also attends one of my favorite networking or women’s groups called the F-Bomb Breakfast Club.

Lindsey: Woot Woot!

Bridget: Yeah, which I love! Breakfast Club, and then I suddenly thought of the movie. That movie is the best! Welcome to the show, Lindsey.

Lindsey: I don’t know if we’re gonna be good at doing an interview. You and I always just start talking and then I’m like, let’s go to drinks!

Bridget: Totally. I know I suffer so badly from shiny object syndrome and yeah, it takes one 80s movies reference, and I’m like, oh my gosh, look at that. Let’s talk about it.

Lindsey: Does that movie stand­ up? Does it stand up the test of time in terms of cultural references to themes around women, themes around gender and ethnicity. I think Breakfast Club might almost pass the test.

Bridget: Yeah, yeah. As politically incorrect as many 80s movies are. Yeah, I think that one hit some really strong themes and it’s just a classic. The sound track, it’s all happening in that movie, teen angst, you get it all.

Lindsey: I think that we’ll have to be in our 30s, just saying.

Bridget: But look, the Breakfast Club is not why I have Lindsay on the show today. Although it totally could be. I brought Lindsey on the show today because she brings a beautiful focus to building in a very intentional and mindful practice into your life and into your business, and I think that’s a powerful message for us, as side hustlers, as passionpreneurs to take into account and that is, how do we holistically approach our mission in life? We’ve got the day job, that 9 to 5, and we’ve got our entrepreneurial venture that we care about so much, and where Lindsey can step in and offer some wisdom is how to manage that mentally with our hearts, with our minds, and really look after ourselves in the process. So Lindsey, if you wouldn’t mind, give us a bit of a rundown on what it is you do, where your expertise lies, and what we can learn from you today.

Lindsey: Thank you for that set up Ms. Bridget. A great way to say it would be my expertise lies in what not to do, because I’ve learned that through years and years of being a passionpreneur and having a side hustle, that sometimes was my full­time gig, and then sometimes I had to go out and get a day job while I kept my side hustle going. But what I’ve learned through it all, I have managed to start to compile into useful lessons, I hope for the next generation of passionpreneurs. But one of the things that really stands out, even to myself, is that as we do this work, as we delve deeper into what is the work that does fuel us, that gives us intention and reason to wake up in the morning and makes us feel contented when we lay our head down to sleep, is that the more you embed yourself into that work and allow yourself to fully show up in whatever project you are delving into, that is when work feels less like work and more like play. Does that make sense?

Bridget: Yeah, it totally does. It speaks to again, where your heart lies, where your head lies. We know we both got that left brain, right brain, but where that can meet in the middle. And when you think about it, especially when it comes to work, we spend so much of our time there, so much, especially so much of our waking time there. We should really be finding some passion and pleasure out of what we do, out of how we bring that change to the world and potentially through our jobs.

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